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Speed Dating
2007-06-23, 2:17 p.m.

Best or worst 6minutes you’ll spend with someone from the opposite sex.

My friend Mitchy talked me into attending a speed-dating event with her. I was skeptical but thought what the heck the traditional methods of finding a replacement for LoMo isn’t working. I’ve got nothing to loose, besides I know in the first 5minutes if I’m going to like someone of the opposite sex. This extra minute they throw in is the Hail Mary for the guy across from me to change my opinion.

12 guys’ 12 girls they give everyone a little card to fill out as you go along. You list the name of the person, some comments about them and check yes or no in regards to continuing additional conversation outside of the event. Once the event is over you go online and next to each candidate you indicate your yes’s and no’s. If someone you picked as a yes also picks you as a yes then you can communicate. I dig this because there is no awkward communication happening about lack of chemistry or some other lame excuse not to continue chatting.

So Mitchy and I roll in a few minutes early. We scan the crowd and there are approximately 6 women already present and 1 guy. I quickly learned his name was Randy and he was already working the crowd. Randy slides in next to us and starts to ask questions. I notice he has already secured his nametag and therefore a participant and not a random customer. Randy is a stockbroker or so he claims, I think he’s a used car salesman myself. Mitchy was pretty nice to him, I on the other hand pointed out that being a contestant gives him 6minutes of my time, no more no less and the event had not started so he was cheating. He thought I was being funny, I was not I was serious. I finally feigned a bathroom visit and escaped. Walking back from the bathroom I noticed he had moved on to another unsuspecting candidate trying for a leg up on the competition.

Soon everyone was present and our host rang a little bell to get the party started. Low and behold who is the first contestant on my card. RANDY, ugh! I had already developed my opinion of him so the 6minutes longer was nearly unbearable, especially when he passed me his business card and told me “for a good time call” eeeeeew, I need a shower I feel dirty! The rest of my contestants were very nice and all professionals, 3 doctors in the group but nothing I couldn’t live without.

Over all it was a fun evening, and Mitchy and I laughed all the way home about Randy. Turns out she also got his card and the same “for a good time call” sign-off from him. I’m definitely going to try it again if another event comes to town. I highly recommend it if nothing more than for the laugh factor.

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