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New Years at the Dunes
2008-01-02, 7:25 p.m.

Things I�ve learned during my last trip to the Dunes.

1. It�s good to be a light girl if you are going to need a fireman�s carry to your trailer after an evening of drinking by the fire.
2. A 125lb girl can convert 1 large order of fries and � gallon of Vodka mixed with Cranberry juice into � a black tank of puke. This can be a very bad thing at the beginning or very end of a trip.
3. It takes at least 3 showers at home to remove the smell of bonfire from your hair and to remove all sand from your crevices.
4. 22� of trailer for 2 adults and 2 Shetland pony sized dogs gives a whole new meaning to �getting to know one another intimately�
5. You can never have too many zip ties or rolls of tissue in your trailer.
6. No matter how much chapstick you put on you will still have sandy chapped lips by the end of the day.
7. Whoever said you can�t take vacation home with you has never gone to the dunes. I have a small dune in the making in my laundry room.
8. Shrieking, �We are all going to die� while pulling and RV in the wind does nothing to help the situation. It does however freak out any passengers you might have on board.
9. You will find those that pay for an �exfoliation� treatment at a spa down right silly.
10. There is nothing better than spending quality time with those you call friends. Someone once said, �Friends are the family you get to pick.� I can�t think of a better place or time to ring in a New Year!

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